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>”It sure has been a while…”

Ugh! Awkward.

something you should check out…

>"Too cool for school":



* Discovered at Laura Ingraham’s website.

>Looking forward to November…

[To be honest, I can hardly wait until this November. Okay, so I can certainly wait, and waiting most assuredly won’t prove to be painful. But, I truly am excited about seeing how the election plays itself out this year.]

Just a quick thought:
The other day, I heard someone say on FNC that the paradoxical scenario being played out is that the party who seemingly can’t lose (i.e., the Dems) will be running the candidate who seemingly can’t win (i.e., Obama), while the party who seemingly can’t win (i.e., the GOP) will be running the candidate who seemingly can’t lose (i.e., McCain).

* I personally think that is a keen, point-on observation.

>"Happy birthday!"

>My little princess (who happens also to be a rock star) turned two on Sunday…

And my little prince (an up and coming rocker himself) was there to help celebrate…

>What am I doing over Christmas break?

>among other things…

i’m playing with Play-Doh.

>where did you get his name?


AD 627
Aidan, bishop of Lindisfarne, founds Lindisfarne as a Celtic monastic center/bishopric.

AD 651
Saint Aidan, bishop of Lindisfarne, dies. He restored Christianity to Northumbria and the midlands of England after the rise of paganism.