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I recently set up a Twitter account.  You can follow me @adam_godbold if that’s what you fancy.  I have no idea how involved I will get with my tweets, but we’ll see.


I’m reminded, for some odd reason, of the album (and song) ‘Relocation’ by Plankeye.  Think back… a good bit back.

This memory really has nothing to do with the present post save only the sharing of titles.  Nevertheless, coinherence: an attempt has moved.  I know, I know… I don’t have many followers.  I am fully aware of my insignificance in the grand scheme of writing, reflecting, and — certainly — the interwebz.

Even still, I think that it was only fitting to make an announcement and, thereby, keep my two occasional passers-by aware of the change.  [If there are more than two of you, please forgive my neglectful oversight.]

For some time now, I’ve considered relocating to my new host.  In fact, I was a smidgen envious of Lindsey’s blog, especially it’s utility on her side of things.  So, after much consideration and having looked into the possibilities, a few years have now passed, and I’ve made the “big move”.

Well, here we go.  I hope to keep things moving forward.

>"Welcome to This World, Little One."


Weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz and measuring 19.25 inches in length, Emery Silas Godbold entered this world at 4:46 this morning. As you might imagine, Lindsey and I were pleased to greet him with proud smiles, many kisses, and an abundance of thanksgiving. Filled with unnumbered prayers and too, too many long and tiring walks around the labor and delivery department of Emory University Hospital – Midtown, the last 24 hours have seemed terribly long, but it has been well worth it. He is a beautiful young man, and our first prayer for him once he was in our arms was that the Holy Spirit would be upon him even now at such a youthful age and that God would do great things through him as he loves and follows Jesus.

Please pray with us that his breathing proves itself to be normal, as he gets some rest in the nursery from a rapid-paced delivery (6 minutes). We appreciate all of your prayers in our behalf and the many, countless wishes of good things that we have already received.

Welcome, little man! We’re awfully glad you’ve made it.

>3894 Due West Road, Suite 105, Marietta, GA 30064

>Tomorrow morning, our church – Faith Methodist – will meet for worship for the first time at the address above.

Am I excited? I certainly am.

Will I say more later? I might.

“I don’t know how to put this but [it’s] kind of a big deal.”

on the agenda:
-some time of fellowship with refreshments
-a worship service
-Holy Communion

>"School’s… Out… for… Summer!"

That’s right – today is the last day of school for Praise Academy. Today, we celebrate.

>Sad, I Know

>My confession:

I am a terrible member of the blog-o-sphere. In fact, I am so terrible that my membership status probably should have rightfully been revoked long ago. It’s so bad that, since this time last year (i.e., when the family and I went to New Orleans, Lousiana), I have updated so few times that they probably even all show up on a single page. [To be totally honest, I don’t really know that, I’m just assuming. I’ll check once I post this post. {“post this post”? Sorry, I’m limited.}]

My excuse:

I’m busy. [lame, I know – but true]


I was wrong – but only by a month.

>Attention: "Faith and the Christian Imagination"

>Below is a poster for an upcoming lecture series which should be a bit tantalizing to the mind:

[Click on image to view larger version.]

>"are you ready for some football?!"


I am.