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>the ivory tower of this poor and simple parson

I like words – varied words, big words, technical words, fun words… words of all sorts.

When using words beyond those of “simple English”, it often seems that others are quick to assume the speaker (or, writer) to see himself as on another level; namely, one above them. That assumption often fails to be rightly grounded.

So, here in the beginning, I simply want to make it known that my ivory tower is actually made of wood and can be visited by anyone who wants to climb into it at a local park. As I write the posts on this blog, you (the reader / viewer) can quite comfortably feel certain that I am more than likely not in some old-world study with a pipe hanging lazily from my mouth. On the contrary, probability would have it that I am actually in the parsonage so kindly granted to my by a loving body of Christ just outside of Ackerman – a town with a populace numbering not quite 1700. In this comfortable parsonage, there is probably a beautiful little terror running around. (Days ago, she just learned to walk.) She is – no doubt – screaming, crying, drinking water from a wash cloth recently dipped in a toilet, digging in every trash can she can find, unrolling every square of all-too-valuable toilet paper from its roll, leaning over my lap with her eyes mere inches from mine so that I must look at her instead of my book or laptop, or quite likely jibber-jabbering on a couple of remote controls she mistakenly confuses for cell phones. In the background, you can probably here “What Not to Wear” on TLC, for which I cannot entirely blame my wife – I like it about as much as she does.

That being said, I enjoy living in the reality that this world is undeniably present and immediate, while more remains just beyond our sight. Therefore, I am summoned to think, to pray, to live.

>an admission

>So, yesterday I came to a realization:

I really enjoy sarcasm. Just days ago, a friend and I were talking about this – in my opinion – gift beautiful gift to language and expression, but yesterday I realized that I seem to actually love it, to some extent. Here’s essentially what I mean – when someone storms out of their corner with their gloves lying on the floor, my weapon of choice is almost always sarcasm of some sort – well, at least a bit of sassy flare.

A fatal flaw? Possibly. I do understand that sarcasm often kills communication.

If you will read or have already read my last post, you will see a bit of sass in my choice of words, tone, and pace. If you knew the context, though, you would hopefully understand why I so quickly pulled out both six shooters. [I must note that I did get a rousing response – basically… “You think you know it all, huh?!”]

I never want to come across as someone who thinks he knows it all, has it all together, can’t be found wrong, or any of the such (a post coming soon).

* Coinherence? Before I get there completely, I think it is responsible to lay some foundation. [Trust me. The house itself is coming. (Quite frankly, I’m just itching to build.)]

>please be undestanding

>After much deliberation, I have decided to do what I am now doing – create a blog. So, here goes…

My desire is to not leave hanging anyone who checks this blog. I hate un-up-to-date blogs and would, therefore, hate to find myself as the culprit.

Nevertheless, please understand that I am currently the husband of a wonderful woman (with whom I should spend more time), the father of a beautiful little lady (who is looking forward to playing with a new brother or sister in a mere matter of weeks – possibly days), the pastor of a church in a small town (a group that is small yet not insignificant to the Kingdom), and a student among many of a great seminary (one known as Wesley Biblical, whose impact is felt throughout the world – West and East).

So, thank you for your kind understanding, and please feel beyond welcome to join me in thoughtful consideration as I try to hold together – to some finite extend – the world I call home…