>an admission

>So, yesterday I came to a realization:

I really enjoy sarcasm. Just days ago, a friend and I were talking about this – in my opinion – gift beautiful gift to language and expression, but yesterday I realized that I seem to actually love it, to some extent. Here’s essentially what I mean – when someone storms out of their corner with their gloves lying on the floor, my weapon of choice is almost always sarcasm of some sort – well, at least a bit of sassy flare.

A fatal flaw? Possibly. I do understand that sarcasm often kills communication.

If you will read or have already read my last post, you will see a bit of sass in my choice of words, tone, and pace. If you knew the context, though, you would hopefully understand why I so quickly pulled out both six shooters. [I must note that I did get a rousing response – basically… “You think you know it all, huh?!”]

I never want to come across as someone who thinks he knows it all, has it all together, can’t be found wrong, or any of the such (a post coming soon).

* Coinherence? Before I get there completely, I think it is responsible to lay some foundation. [Trust me. The house itself is coming. (Quite frankly, I’m just itching to build.)]

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