>What am I doing over Christmas break?

>among other things…

i’m playing with Play-Doh.

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2 responses to “>What am I doing over Christmas break?

  • Chris

    >One of those other things would be watching the Pack go the NFC Championship with the oldest QB ever. Quite an accomplishment. However, I must admit that I am a little torn. I like the Giants and Eli. No matter who wins this game, their my pick for the super bowl.

  • Adam

    >well, i sure do love the mannings and would generally pull for the giants. i like the giants. but still, for me, of course, there is no question as to who i’m pulling for this sunday. go brett!* on a related note: i want the pats to lose, and i wouldn’t mind if it were to happen sunday afternoon to the bolts. however, i sure would love to see them make it to the big dance and get crushed by the pack. to be honest, when i look at the aggressiveness of green bay’s defense, i can’t help but think that they would actually have a chance of hurting the new england offense.

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