“A Case of the Mondays”

Ugh.  What an obnoxious phrase, though it certainly alludes to one of the funniest movies to have ever been produced [in my humble opinion].

This past Monday, I was delivering my regular Meals-on-Wheels route.  You probably already know that I also ended up on the Rush Limbaugh show during said route.  However, just prior to my stop which prompted my being on his show, I made another stop which proved to be a tough one.

For the last couple of years or so, I’ve been driving this route, making my rounds, and delivering to mostly the same folks each time.  During the first half of my route, I typically deliver to an elderly married couple.  This Monday, the delivery I made just prior to that which would bring me passing fame was to this couple.

What made this delivery tough was being greeted and welcomed at the door by the couple’s daughter.  She explained that her father died this past Friday and that she was in from out of town.  That was tough to hear.

She invited me in, talked with me for a brief while, expressed tremendous gratitude for my looking out for her folks seeing how she lives 3000 miles away, explained that I’ll need to use a different door from now on to deliver her mom’s food, allowed me to share a few memories with her, and asked if she could have a hug before I left.  She was a kind lady with wonderful parents, and I –of course– granted her request gladly.

As I drove alway, I choked back a tear or two and went about my day.

My call to Rush was on a whim.  While my story was indeed forthright and legit, I made the call with the passing thought, “Ugh. It’s been a rough day so far… I’m calling Rush.”  Never did I think that, on my first attempt to call [ever, though I’ve listened for years and have considering calling many times], my ear would immediately hear a ringing tone.  After what seemed like 40 rings, a voice –to my astonishment– actually answered…

“What would you like to say to Rush?”

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