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RUSH: We go to the Smyrna, Georgia. This is Adam. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, hi. It’s great to talk with you. What a joy.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. By the way, you’re calling from the soon-to-be isolated South.

CALLER: Well, I was actually gonna say I’m deep within the isolated South. I think it’s already partially isolated.

RUSH: And the effort to isolate you is ongoing and intensifying.

CALLER: I can feel the eyes watching and the breath on the back of my neck.

RUSH: I’m not kidding. You have the ability to look at it with jocularity.


RUSH: But there’s an ongoing effort to marginalize conservatism, and the South is the greatest concentration of it, and therefore the words out — Lincoln didn’t finish the job. I mean that was in last week. Lincoln didn’t finish the job.

CALLER: And what’s worse is that I’m actually a young pastor, and so I’m probably one of those right-wing kooks.

RUSH: And a target because you preach to others.

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: Anyway, I welcome you to the program. I’m glad you’re here.

CALLER: I’m glad I’m here as well. In fact, just holding the line I felt a thrill run up my leg. But the purpose of my call is I’ve actually been on a Meals on Wheels delivery route this morning, and when I walked into the apartment of one of my customers, she’s an elderly minority lady living in poverty, and she had the tube turned on and was watching the press conference, and I said, “How you doing?” She said, “Well, I’m doing all right. I’m just watching my president on this press conference, and I’m trying to get my head around what’s going on.” And she went on to tell me that her Social Security went up $13 bucks, but that really doesn’t matter because she’s been told by her doctor that with everything that’s been transpiring she’s gonna owe $147 for every visit before Medicare even touches it, and she was asking me, “What in the world am I gonna do?” And she said that she feels like she’s kind of being left out in the cold.

RUSH: She said all this to you while she’s watching Obama and his press conference?


RUSH: Does she blame the Republicans for this or did she say.

CALLER: No, she seemed to be feeling a bit disenfranchised, if you will, from her president. She referred to him almost in jest as her president.

RUSH: Did you say this woman’s African-American?

CALLER: Well, I said she’s a minority. She is an African-American.

RUSH: Okay. I was gonna say you don’t sound like a Southerner. You’re helping her.

CALLER: Do what?

RUSH: I’m being facetious. I said you don’t sound like a Southerner, you’re helping her.

CALLER: That’s right. No, you know, it’s interesting because just in my previous interactions with her, I feel like she thought highly of the president. I image she probably voted for him, if she voted. You know, she’s gladly referred to him as her president before, but today —

RUSH: I’m sure. There’s gonna be a lot of confusion. I think there’s going to be a lot of confusion among Obama voters ’cause they believe him. Like the people who are now experiencing smaller paychecks because the payroll tax cut ended, and the full FICA deduction has been restored, so people’s paychecks are smaller. They see this, but they trust the media, they trust Obama. They were told that their taxes aren’t gonna go up. They were told that only the 1% or 2% would see a tax increase, that any taxation had to be fair and balanced and responsible, and that meant they weren’t going to be called on to pay the burden, and here right off the bat, their first paycheck is smaller somewhat or a lot smaller, depending. And they’re going to be, folks, really conflicted.

The media, for the past year, two years, has been spreading the word that the middle class isn’t gonna face a tax increase. Only the rich are. Obama’s been saying the same thing. These people are not going to want to think poorly of President Obama. They voted for him. They’re not gonna want to think poorly of him. So they’re gonna be really confused and conflicted. They believed him. They believed the media. And they still do. So they’re gonna start asking how did it happen. And it’s going to be somewhat easy for the media to somehow blame this on the Republicans, and I think the way they’ll do it is simply say the Republicans wouldn’t negotiate with the president. The Republicans just simply refused to move off of their desire for tax cuts for the rich. And the president tried, he tried very hard.

He worked very hard on this, did the best he could. But now the Republicans are trying to hurt the country and hurt the president again on the debt limit deal, is the way this is all going to play out. None of this, as far as the media’s concerned, none of it will be allowed, if they have anything to say about it, to attach itself to Obama in terms of blame. I’m just telling you this to try to make sure you don’t get as frustrated as you otherwise could, ’cause I know you all sit out there and you pray that at some point this country’s gonna wake up. You pray that at some point people are gonna finally realize that what they’ve been told isn’t true. And they’re not going to want to believe that for a long time. Obama’s a cult-like figure to some of these people. And it’s gonna take a number of these betrayals before they start to substantively question whether or not Obama and the media have been not telling them the truth. Adam, I appreciate the call. God bless you.

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