I’m reminded, for some odd reason, of the album (and song) ‘Relocation’ by Plankeye.  Think back… a good bit back.

This memory really has nothing to do with the present post save only the sharing of titles.  Nevertheless, coinherence: an attempt has moved.  I know, I know… I don’t have many followers.  I am fully aware of my insignificance in the grand scheme of writing, reflecting, and — certainly — the interwebz.

Even still, I think that it was only fitting to make an announcement and, thereby, keep my two occasional passers-by aware of the change.  [If there are more than two of you, please forgive my neglectful oversight.]

For some time now, I’ve considered relocating to my new host.  In fact, I was a smidgen envious of Lindsey’s blog, especially it’s utility on her side of things.  So, after much consideration and having looked into the possibilities, a few years have now passed, and I’ve made the “big move”.

Well, here we go.  I hope to keep things moving forward.

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