>Camp Devotions…

Lindsey and I were charged with planning and putting together this year’s camp for the southeast region of our denomination.

So, in addition to all of the laborious work involved in preparing for a youth camp, the wife and I took it upon ourselves to write daily devotions for the adults attending camp this past week. We thought it would be helpful to give them a daily framework from which they might share some devotional thoughts with the youth in their cabins each day. The idea was to give the counselors a passage of scripture, help them to quickly flesh it out in their minds, have them read the passage with those in their cabins, have them possibly make a couple of comments, and finally have them close in prayer. This was to take place each morning so as to accomplish a couple of things:

-first, to begin the day well;

-second, to instill into their youth the reality that beginning the day well is actually possible when it, of course, is intentional.

Now, you are prepared for what will follow… [those devotions]

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