>"Welcome to This World, Little One."


Weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz and measuring 19.25 inches in length, Emery Silas Godbold entered this world at 4:46 this morning. As you might imagine, Lindsey and I were pleased to greet him with proud smiles, many kisses, and an abundance of thanksgiving. Filled with unnumbered prayers and too, too many long and tiring walks around the labor and delivery department of Emory University Hospital – Midtown, the last 24 hours have seemed terribly long, but it has been well worth it. He is a beautiful young man, and our first prayer for him once he was in our arms was that the Holy Spirit would be upon him even now at such a youthful age and that God would do great things through him as he loves and follows Jesus.

Please pray with us that his breathing proves itself to be normal, as he gets some rest in the nursery from a rapid-paced delivery (6 minutes). We appreciate all of your prayers in our behalf and the many, countless wishes of good things that we have already received.

Welcome, little man! We’re awfully glad you’ve made it.

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