>Just a Quick Note on the "Pandemic"

>Though you will most probably not believe me, this is a brief description of what Lindsey and I saw Tuesday morning:

We were getting onto I 75 South when we looked to the car with which we were merging and noticed a poor, seemingly terrified, young man [probably on his way to work] taking what he apparently understood to be the necessary precautions for one living through such a horrible time in medicinal history. What precautions? While driving in his sleek, mid-sized SUV, he was completely prepared for the dangers before him, behind him, and supposedly all about him. He was a determined man [determined for success, which could possibly be hindered by sickness or, even worse, death] – fully clad in nice business clothes, a sharp hair style, and a classy, green surgical mask. That’s right… a surgical mask. Please keep in mind, now, that he was driving onto the interstate completely alone in his own car.

Humorous? Absolutely. Disappointing? Somewhat. Sad? Completely. Surprising? Not so much.

[You should also know that I would have photographic evidence of the incident if Lindsey would have complied with my repeated request to take a quick pic with her camera phone. I really don’t understand her refusal. After all, why else would they make a cell phone with a built-in camera, if not to capture beautiful, yet fleeting moments in time such as this?]

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2 responses to “>Just a Quick Note on the "Pandemic"

  • Jill

    >Haha! Maybe he had been transporting Mexicans in his SUV.

  • Adam

    >I suppose that would be a possibility. Regardless of its greater context, it was still quite a shocking sight to see. I couldn’t help but laugh, yet I was terribly disappointed for some reason. I am simply amazing at how otherwise normal people throughout the world have been thrown into hysterics over the possibility of a potential threat that just might be terribly much worse than [though as of yet it is a far cry from] the “normal” flu.

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