>Here’s me at the sea…


This week is spring break for the school where I teach, so the family and I are taking full advantage of my time off and are, therefore, vacationing.

After our Resurrection Sunday (i.e., Easter) morning service of worship, we hit the road to Mississippi. We stayed with Mimaw and Papaw (i.e., my mom and dad) for a couple of days – actually, until Wednesday morning. During our stay in Mississippi, we went spent an afternoon at the Museum of Natural Science and another afternoon at the Jackson Zoological Park. We also ate at several places we have been craving now for several months. Lindsey got to enjoy her Bella Basil Chicken Salad Sandwich from Broadstreet Bakery as well as her Newk’s Favorite Salad from Newk’s Express Cafe. I finally got to eat pizza at Sal and Mookie’s in the Fondren district of Jackson – something for which I have been waiting since even before we moved to Georgia. I must confess that the pizza was incredible, while the desserts were a bit of a disappointment – at least, my Italian creme cake was [Lindsey said that the fudge cake was great.]. During this trip, we also got to visit with my Pappy and my Mammaw, as well as with Chris, Jamie, Chylen, and Grayson. Overall, our time was well spent.

On Wednesday, we hit the road around 8:00 a.m. CST and finally arrived on Tybee Island, Georgia, around 8:00 p.m. EST. I was fully certain that I would soon crash, never to awaken until well into the morning or early afternoon on Thursday. However and much to my surprise, I didn’t get to bed until about 2:00 a.m. and was out of bed by 9:00 a.m. – interesting… I don’t know how that happened.

Aidan and I took a mid-morning walk through the sand, and I must say that the beach here is gorgeous. Our condo is great, the food has been good, and the R and R has been wonderful. The best part of it all has been that there has been nothing that we have HAD to do. Sure, we have done stuff, but it has all been done in leisure. To be sure, I do hate the the prevailing mentality of our culture, particularly of my generation; namely, the mentality of compete freedom from responsibility, discipline, or commitment. Nevertheless, for a couple of days here and there, it sure is lovely to relax. I have had a blast this week just spending time with my family. I haven’t had to work a single hour, which has been an enormous change of pace for us. Though we return to the reality of labor tomorrow evening, for now at least, we are taking it easy. Ahhh, how sweet it is.

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3 responses to “>Here’s me at the sea…

  • Jill

    >I think we stayed at that exact place! Funny!

  • Marshall L. Daigre

    >thats great man! your hat is awesome but you needed to tan up before you hit the beach.oh, and btw, glad your back…

  • Adam

    >Jill,So nice of you to join me. I hope that you enjoy your time and that I do not disappoint.— — —Marshall,Thanks for the compliment, and let’s face it – I’m about as white as He makes ’em. I must say that it is good to be back; hopefully I’ll stay awhile. We’ll see. I’ve found that it’s much easier to work on and finish a post and then copy and paste it later whenever I do have internet access.

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