>just a thought concerning homosexual marriage:

>To be honest, I haven’t yet given much serious thought to the issue since last week when the California Supreme Court determined a publicly chosen CA policy opposing homosexual marriage to be unconstitutional, thereby making homosexual marriage at least temporarily legal throughout the state. However, one thing that quite immediately came to my mind went as follows –

The argument I have repeatedly heard used in favor of the legalization of homosexual marriage (in general and in relationship to the CA case in particular) is based upon equal rights. “How can we say that homosexuals don’t have the same rights as heterosexuals?” Again, this is not fully thought out, but my initial response would be that such an argument is entirely ungrounded, for neither homosexuals nor heterosexuals are believed (by the former policy and that of most other states) to have the right to marry someone of the same sex. In fact, any person has the same rights as any other person by which he or she may legally marry within those guidelines as determined and protected by the state.

[possibly more to come…]

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