>an update on Rush’s "Brief Sermon"

>[click the title.]

among all other things that might be said about him, one thing is for sure… rush doesn’t back down. i applaud him on many issues, but this is great. major dittos!

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3 responses to “>an update on Rush’s "Brief Sermon"

  • chris

    >I’m not sure if I like the fact that he doesn’t back down. He seems awfully hard headed and close minded on some things. I agree with him alot, but he does have a problem admitting when he’s wrong, if he is wrong.

  • Adam

    >well, chris. you have to taken into account that he is a personality. his persona is to be “the man who’s running america”, the man with intellegence “on loan from GOD”, etc. so, of course, you have to understand why he’s so abrassive on the show. however, i have, in fact, heard him admitt his errors. the problem is that he is rarely proven to be simply wrong. not that i agree with him on all things, but i do on many – if not most. also, the republican party, just like the church, is too full of a bunch of pansies who “just don’t want to offend anybody”. i find rush’s approach to politics to be comparable to christian polemics… and to be honest, i find it quite refreshing.

  • Adam

    >also, did you read his comments for the archbishop? they were pretty powerful. his way of thinking reminds me of chesterton’s, though some would vomit at such a comparison.

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