>It’s a boy…

>…and his name is Aidan Peter Godbold!

That’s right… You can just call me “Da-Da Squared”.

It should be also known that I am currently batting a thousand [1.000 ba] when it comes to knowing the gender of my children before even the doctor knows. I have had no verification whatsoever – unless mere hunches count as something – and yet I have been able to correctly – and quite early on, I should add – make the call that Imogene was going to be a girl and that Aidan was going to be a boy. Lindsey, however and sadly, has gone for a terrible 0-2. Lookout, though, because – with numbers like that – she’s due for a hit.

Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way: Yes! He is adorable, handsome, beautiful, incredible, stunning, breath-taking, speechlessness-causing, and down-right amazing. He’s bound to be a heart-breaker. [Well, take that back – He’s bound to be a heart-stopper! He would never break a heart, though chances are he might stop a few – or at least cause a some mild fibrillations.]

He was born on Tuesday 11 September at 1453 (2:53 pm), weighing in at 6.0 lbs. and measuring 18.5 in. in length. After a good washin’ up, it appears that he might have gotten dark hair from his momma. His eye color, of course, is TBA (indefinite for up to a year).

He did have some trouble breathing and was, therefore, put into the NICU, but he has been making wonderful strides of improvement. This morning, however, he had a bit of a set-back, though he is expected to make a full recovery here very soon. Hopefully, Lindsey and I will soon be able to take home the newest addition to our parenting pride, Aidan Peter Godbold – quite a man with quite a name!

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