>recently on decapolis…

>Just a few days ago, I expectantly joined a forum for discussion on a site I enjoy checking every once in a while. As I had hoped, I stepped in on some interesting thoughts. Here is my latest input concerning the inescapability of theological thinking (i.e., dogma, doctrine, etc.)…

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so, basically, all you have said is that feeling and doubt are the basis of any knowledge, but – even there – any potential knowledge is merely some vague hope grounded upon nothing but subjective experience.

further, you speak of good and evil (i.e., pain and suffering) which tells me that – whether you like it or not – you do operate from some dogma.

i’ll be honest in noting that i’m not familiar with momma t’s writings. i suppose the same gutt-wrenching fears, doubts (?), and questions could be said of bonhoeffer – or even john the baptist for that matter. what about jeremiah or habakkuk? christ on the cross? i would assume that all of mankind – at some point or another – have experienced some form of dark night (st. john of the cross). that dark night, though, as in the case of each of these examples, never gives ground to remove all knowledge – real, genuine, subjectively objective knowledge – hard, attainable truth.

you are right in having a heart for the hurting, but why? because of dogma – like it or not. you may not want some nicely worked and worded systematic theology, but you cannot escape being a theologian of some sorts.

“tremendous liberty… in a spiritual fog of ambiguity and doubt”? sounds like transcendentalism.

and as for who is out there… he has made himself personally known. i suggest you start with jesus.

religion – the bible’s term, not mine. but what do you call prayer, if not religious? scripture, if not religious? church – oh, that dreaded bore? to reject religion (true religion, that is) always leads to antinominanism and inherent hell – whether literal and eternal or subjective and still unmistakenly real. in fact, i would make the case that being left with nothing but my feelings, doubts, wishful thinking, and all-to-wanting kindnesses would be quite an unbearable hell itself.

my fear is going too far in rejecting what is known and can be known (true christian religion) merely for the sake of some fleeting thoughts.

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